10:26 minwith sound


Squirting in the lab

It is evening and I am all alone in the lab. My colleagues have all left, but I'm still there because a few hours ago I came across an interesting piece of information in a book that I'm determined to investigate at my leisure. It is information about the mechanics of squirting in a woman. Now, of course, I have read about this many times before and, out of personal interest, I have often researched it in my anatomy studies, but in this book I found a handwritten note from what seemed to be a former colleague who had described exactly how she had learned to make herself squirt within a few minutes using a little trick. The note made me so curious that I could hardly wait until everyone left and I was left alone to experiment. Of course I don't want to reveal here whether I succeeded in this extremely exciting and wet experiment, I can only say that the cleaning lady certainly had less fun than I did afterwards :D

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