35:01 minwith sound
Your girlfriend cum home after work and you hear her sneak straight into the bedroom. You go straight in to greet her and find her sitting on the edge of the bed, still fully dressed in her office outfit. She tells you how exhausting her day at work was and that she would like some distraction, as she starts to unbutton her blouse and caress her breasts over her bra. You continue to listen to her talk and flirt with you, seeing her playful and horny look as your cock begins to twitch. She takes her breasts out of her bra and starts to knead and massage them extensively, then she turns around on the bed with her ass facing you, pulls up her skirt and thong and fingers her wet pussy. She then turns back around and stretches her legs and nylon soles out to you. "Would you like to massage them?" - you hear her ask and agree, massaging her briefly not taking your eyes off her pussy. She notices, of course, so she sits slightly wide-legged in front of you, her breasts still hanging out of her blouse, and hints at wanting to be licked. Her wet cunt tastes just great, you stick a fingering in and notice how wet and horny she is. Now you can't wait to feel her warm pussy, penetrate deep and make her moan. You let her ride you. Her tits bounce in time as she gets faster and faster and you realise that you can do a lot with her now.... Maybe it would be a good time to use the nipple clamps or even work her ass with the dildo while you fuck her deeper into her greedy cunt and pump a fat load of cum into her... ....
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