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Ass stretching with a new toy

I love collecting sex toys and when a new toy arrives, I can't wait to try it out! So this time, the postman handed me the package and barely 10 minutes later, I was sitting in my armchair, looking forward to stuffing it in my tight ass. First I made sure that my pussy got really wet. With a glass dildo I stretched my hole and felt the first drops on my pussy lips. Then I took the new toy in my hand. A chain of glass beads, which were still slightly cool from the transport. Greedily I shoved the beads one by one into my ass. At first sight they didn't look that big, but the weight of the glass and the number of balls made sure that my ass was full to bursting. WOW! At that point I was so horny that I felt the first signs of an upcoming orgasm. I played with the dildo for a while, then with a plug and then I changed it for a bigger thicker glass rod. Fuck! I could feel both holes stretched a lot. My pussy started pulsing like crazy and I could hardly think straight. I reached for my magic wand and it didn't take me a minute to get a heavy orgasm......