I'm here to bring a smile on your face whenever you need it.

Hi! I'm Alissa. I love listening to metal music, playing video games, watching splatter movies or creating content. But this website is more about the part with the nudes. If you are not fine with such things, you should leave here. All the others are truly welcome to learn more about it.

100 % authentic

I love being myself and I only offer things which I really like by myself. It means I am having real orgasms and pleasure in all my videos.

If you want something special, don't hesitate to ask. I can't guarantee, that I'm into your fetish, but I'll try to find an alternative way how to please you.

100% passionate

I manage my entire business almost compeletely on my own. I take photos of myself, shoot my videos, experiment with different positions and angles, and edit my content by myself. I'm not a professional at it, of course, but I've been told very often that is nice to see how much fun I have bringing quality and aesthetics into my content.

Woman of your desires

When I'm not in front of the camera, I'm usually cooking tasty food, doing sports, taking time out in nature, playing videogames, reading comics, watching movies or I'm out at concerts and festivals.

It has been more than nine years since I dared to go in front of the camera and I must say I have never regretted it. I just love what I do and do it with passion.

I would describe myself as multi-faceted. Sometimes a wicked bitchy vamp, the next day a lovely sexy lady and then again a cute and freaky nerd girl from next door.

"Other women collect shows and bags, I collect band-shirts and dildos. "

Take me to heaven and make me smile with a gift.


On my wishlist you'll find lots of fancy toys, beautiful heels, cute sexy outfits or stuff which I need for my video/ photo-sets. I appreciate any kind of help and am happy to send you some rewards for it.

things i could reach in the last years

You can find me as an ingame character in the adult game "Wild Life". So if you ever wanted to do naughty things with me, this is the best possiblity to get an ultimate fantasy adventure. The game is still in development, but you can already can play it.

Click on the picture above if you want to know more about the game project.

I'm really proud that I'm a Lovense prime member. This toys are just amazing and I love to use them in my shows, for my videos or in private situations. You want to know more about that? Click on the vibrator above and go directly to "INTERACTIVE LIVECAM"

In the last three years I was nominated several times and in different categories for the Pornhub Awards and also won a couple of gaming, Halloween and cosplay themed video contests.

Wanna see some of my videos on Pornhub? Click on the photo.

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